Product x Operations x Culture  
I directed comprehensive research and analysis to inform our strategic decisions. My efforts culminated in securing a $5 million investment during our Series A funding round, bolstering the company's resources and market positioning.

I was hired as the first product manager. 
I led user research, testing, analytics, and feature management. I developed our product strategy, led roadmapping, and managed a product strategist and project manager. I led our efforts to make learning accessible and exciting for our global student base. 
I also played a pivotal role in transforming the company by introducing a robust organizational structure - I brought on management for the first time in the company’s history and introduced mentorship and quantitative accountability structures.

Additionaly, I led an equity project with cultural strategy expert Ben Jackson to ensure fair, researched pay for all employees, and successfully hired over ten talented teammates who aligned with our vision and values.
Product Manager
Strategy Lead
Operations Lead

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