By leveraging research and insights, we’ll turn plans into reality.

Research strategy
Establishing mission, vision, values
Strategic planning
Brand + product naming
Growth strategy
Differentiation strategy
Partnership strategy
PR, marketing, social comms strategy
Data + analytics strategy
Market analysis
Brand positioning


Let’s build + launch beautiful experiences for diverse audiences.

Supporting C-level management 
Shepherding teams of engineers, designers, and strategists 
Sprint planning, retros
Customer research, engagement 
Product vision
Establishing KPIs
Analyzing performance metrics
Feature Prioritization


We’ll cultivate cultural change that serves all types of teams.

Employee experience design
Employee equity, salary, and benefits
Interviewing, hiring, on/offboarding
Diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy
Career + skill development
Employee engagement analysis
Company cultural development
Implementing organizational structures


Rik Lomas – CEO + Founder, SuperHi

“I had the privilege of working alongside Navya for over two years at SuperHi, where she worked closely with me to manage both operations and strategy as part of our leadership team.

Navya is the embodiment of effective leadership. She seamlessly blends a strong understanding of operations with strategic thinking, resulting in large improvements in efficiency and output, which in turn led to several successful product launches.

Throughout our work, she exhibited an aptitude to take complex problems, dissect them, and provide actionable solutions, all while rallying the team with enthusiasm.

Furthermore, Navya possesses the emotional intelligence to help nurture large teams and foster a positive work environment. Her leadership style is a unique blend of conscientiousness, empowerment, and mentorship. She continuously pushed the SuperHi team to take ownership of our projects, all the while providing guidance and support.”

Panna Nyeste – Design Director, SuperHi

“I had the pleasure of working with Navya at SuperHi, where she was my manager and close collaborator across a number of projects.

Navya is a brilliant, empathy-driven strategist and leader: diversity and inclusion were at the heart of every project she led at SuperHi. She became the driver for our DEI team, where she initiated multiple scholarships, charitable donations and other projects to make the creative and tech industries more accessible.

Outside of Navya’s impacts on our community, she also made a number of meaningful changes to the shaping of our team and internal culture, including a new transparent and equitable compensation framework for our team this past year.

Navya deeply and genuinely cares about the people she manages and works with, making sure everyone feels heard and valued. Navya would be an invaluable part of any team, and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”


SuperHi Basic Income

SuperHi Basic Income, or SBI, was an experiment to see if giving multiple people $1,000 a month would help accelerate their creative careers. There were 22,000 applications, with a collective 1.78 million words written. 

The experiment was a carbon-negative campaign by offsetting emissions via Offsetra.



Bounties enables creators and clients to work in new ways that traditional job boards haven’t been able to do before. Unlike traditional job boards, we are able to guarantee you’ll be paid for your work. Every bounty has funds safely locked in escrow that you can see for yourself before deciding to apply, and you’ll receive on completing each milestone.

One Page Love

SuperHi Plus

Currently, creators face an all-or-nothing decision: either do everything by themselves with all the risks and no guarantee of success or join a platform and play to their rules.

SuperHi Plus is a brand new model of co-ownership for creators, combining the best of existing content creation models while reducing the downsides.